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Catan Expansion: Cities & Knights

Catan Expansion: Cities & Knights

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CATAN is the original strategy board game. Get ready for the incredibly fun and adventurous game loved around the world. CATAN is an easy-to-learn board game for family and friends that anyone can play! Since the release of CATAN (at that time still The Settlers of CATAN) in 1995, the game has developed into a modern classic board game that is available worldwide in over 40 languages. To date, over 40 million games have been sold. With numerous extensions and additions, everyone can create their own personal gaming experience and immerse themselves in the world of CATAN. Flourishing trade brings prosperity to CATAN. However, all this wealth also attracts barbarians. The knights of CATAN are needed! These new challenges create a different game in virtually every session, making the perfect board game for adults and kids. No two games are the same! Use the hexes of the CATAN base game to assemble CATAN inside the provided frame. Each of you has just finished building a settlement and a city, when dark clouds gather over the peaceful island of CATAN. Wild barbarians, attracted by the wealth of CATAN, sail toward the island's shores. There is still enough time to prepare for confronting the intruders, though. The strength of the hostile barbarian army always corresponds to the number of cities on CATAN. In order to successfully defend CATAN, the knights of all players combined must be at least as strong as the barbarian army. An adventurous board game ideal for any game night with up to 4 players. To play with 5-6 players, the CATAN base game, base game extension AND the Cities & Knights extension are required. CATAN is loved by families and recommended for kids ages 12 or older. Explore more by combining this other CATAN strategy board games such as CATAN Seafarers and CATAN Traders & Barbarians.

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