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Aeon's End: The New Age

Aeon's End: The New Age

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Dive into the exciting world of Aeon's End: The New Age, a deckbuilding card game that combines the best of strategy and science fiction. Suitable for players aged 14 and up, this game is perfect for teens and adults seeking an epic adventure on game night. Aeon's End: The New Age introduces the innovative Expedition system, allowing you to relive your favorite moments in a short campaign format. After each game, you'll be rewarded with new treasures and player cards, enhancing your abilities and strategies. However, be prepared for a challenge, as the nemeses you face will grow stronger and more relentless with each battle.

Gather 1-4 players to join the battle against the formidable foes of the Aeon's End universe. The game offers a unique deckbuilding experience without the hassle of shuffling, ensuring pure strategic gameplay. With variable turn order, every match is a new and thrilling adventure. Indie Boards and Cards brings you this standalone expansion that seamlessly integrates with all other standalone games in the Aeon's End series. Mix and match to create exciting new combinations, making every playthrough a fresh and exciting journey. Elevate your game night with Aeon's End: The New Age, a card game that promises hours of entertainment and strategic depth. Get ready to face the challenges of the Aeon's End universe and emerge victorious!

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